Through its work, following the latest trends and continuous improvement, and investing in the latest equipment, we have created a large number of satisfied customers and gained their trust.
A friendly, educated and highly professional team will provide you with high quality service and privacy during your treatment. It is important to emphasize that each client is given equal attention and individual approach.
Therefore, we invite you to visit us and see for yourself.

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Services (briefly)


Body Care

Our skin, the mirror of ourselves, is often neglected because of fast paced life. Do not forget that regular skin treatments are primarily aimed to provide beauty, but more importantly, they contribute to health.


Facial care

Hydration and regular care are essential for healthy facial skin. Therefore, these treatments are tailored exclusively to your skin type and age group. Let our team of experts give your face a new glow.


Hair Removal

Would you like your skin to be velvety smooth to touch? Our professional team will take care of it with effective hair removal by wax or sugar paste.



Leave yourself to the hands of our experts who will make your body completely relaxed. We offer different types of massages that will eliminate everyday stress and bring back harmony to your body.
Don't forget that regular massage treatments lead to healthier and happier life.


Eyebrow shaping

Shaped eyebrows are extremely important in highlighting your eyes and character of your face. According to your wishes, we will form shape of eyebrows by threading or perform classic eyebrow plucking with tweezers.


Eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions, your eyes, as well as the overall look, will gain a whole new dimension. Eyelash extension treatments are painless, and most importantly, the treatment is done properly and precisely, without damaging the natural eyelashes. While we take care of this, be prepared for an extra dose of seduction and glamor!


Microblading method of eyebrow contouring

Microblading is a method that provides enviable results no one could imagine a few years ago. Forget about eyebrows that do not look good, being dissatisfied with their form, or perhaps not even having natural eyebrows at all. By creating your eyebrows with this method, you will achieve a maximum natural look and make the shape that suits your face best.
Given that this is a very important part of your face, the most important is to choose an expert with knowledge, experience and a certain amount of artistic ability. Based on this, the expert will perform a treatment with high quality and make you extraordinarily satisfied.


Hand and foot care

Beautiful and neat manicure is one of the most important factors when two people meet each other. It comes to focus immediately after the face, which is the primary factor, and acts as a mirror of a person's neatness. It speaks for itself considerably more than some people think.
Well-groomed feet come together with well-groomed hands, so anyone caring for their image pays special attention to the pedicure. Let us give your hands and feet a new dimension of beauty.


Solarium and sauna

Is there anyone who does not like nice, healthy and tanned skin? Visit us if you want to be tanned too. We offer a turbo solarium with the latest generation of lamps that supply your skin with all four wavelengths at the same time, which is important for fast and efficient sunbathing without any risk for your health.
For all those who would like to relax and exclude themselves from the outside world for a moment, and at the same time detoxify the body, sauna is the best solution.


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