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Med Contour MultiPower

Combining ultrasound and radio frequency with the latest technology Med Contour Multipower treatments allow non-surgical and painless body shaping in terms of removing fat deposits and cellulite, and tightening face, neck and body skin!

Med Contour MULTIPOWER has 4 applicators for different types of body and facial treatments:

  • NEW MED CONTOUR BODY SHAPE applicator - for reducing fat deposits and volume, and removing cellulite
  • BODY SHAPE AND TIGHT applicator – for tightening and firming of body skin
  • MED VISAGE FACE LIFTING applicator – for tightening face, neck skin, neckline and removing shallow wrinkles
  • DRAINING applicator - for lymphatic drainage

Noninvasive shaping of body and cellulite removal

MED CONTOUR treatments

Med Contour Body shape applicator, with 2 ultrasonic heads, helps fighting fat deposits and cellulite, and the latest generation of this applicator provides even greater efficiency compared to its predecessors. This means that with the help of a larger ultrasonic probe, and a special form of applicator, it will be even easier to focus on the treated area and therefore act faster and more efficiently on targeted removal of fat deposits and cellulite.

The new generation of Med Contour can deliver more energy, and consequently greater efficiency due to the shape of its applicator or ultrasonic probe positioned under the optimum angle. Controlled ultrasound is targeted into subcutaneous fat and is designed in a way that targeted ultrasound causes breakage of fat cells, leaving the skin, blood vessels and connective tissues intact.

With all these innovations, the treatment becomes even safer and works exactly where it is needed, specifically targeted on subcutaneous fat.

The effectiveness of this treatment is confirmed by the prestigious 'The Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Enhancement' award from the world's largest cosmetic medicine congress ‘The Aesthetic Show' in Las Vegas.

Also, it has been the most popular non-surgical treatment of fat cells and cellulite removal in America for the last four years in a row.

Who can use the treatment?
Women and men over 18 years old can be treated. The treatment is recommended to clients who want to transform their body and/or have an excessive amount of localized fat deposits, or to those who want to treat a particular area in order to avoid surgery.

  • BODY SHAPE AND TIGHT treatments

This ultrasonic applicator with a 2.5 MHz ultrasonic frequency is used to shape and tighten the skin of the body. It is made of a disc with three circular ultrasonic heads with sequential activation where all three heads deliver ultrasonic energy separately.
Individual activation allows the use of peak power pulses emitted from each probe to enhance the tapping massage effect in the treated area.
What to expect from the treatment?
Improvement of epidermal texture, better skin tone, increased collagen fibers, and increased fibroblast stimulation. Body Shape and Tight applicator also delivers radio frequency which leads and improves ultrasound function.


In addition to the body applicator, the Med Contour Multipower device is equipped with a well-known, tested and effective version of Med Visage device. Use of the ultrasound and radio frequency technology provides deep treatment with a significant reduction of wrinkles and loose skin on the face, neck and neckline.
Treatments are pleasant and results are visible and long lasting already after the first treatment. Also, significant results are gradually developed with each subsequent treatment.
While the secondary effect of a radio frequency is stimulation of collagen production, which tightens the skin, there is also a slower progressive effect, where unrestrained heat itself stimulates higher production of collagen. This treatment significantly stimulates creation of new collagen that naturally improves skin tone by giving it a better and rejuvenated look. It works on the entire face: head, nose and mouth wrinkles, eyelids, cheeks, area below the chin, neck and neckline. After the treatment, skin becomes tighter,
smoother and more elastic.


Special applicator stimulates lymph glands and performs lymphatic drainage that is carried out with the help of a biological and elastic membrane. Membrane adheres perfectly to the skin and ensures the initiation of lymphatic, venous and arterial circulation. It also improves tissue blood flow. This process removes destroyed fat cells and toxins through the lymphatic system.
Lymphatic drainage helps:

  • stimulating lymphatic centers of the body
  • removing the excess toxins and fats from the body
  • increasing blood circulation in the treated area
  • Zone drainage is gentle enough to be used after operative liposuction to help faster recovery.

Med Contour MultiPower

Med Contour treatment is the first real alternative to operational liposuction!

med contour

How are treatments conducted?

On average, 5 treatments are required, with a recommended 7 to 10 days break interval.
Duration of treatment depends on the area being treated and can last from 30 to 60 minutes.
Apart from the advantages mentioned above, what results can be expected?
The results are similar to results obtained by operative liposuction and are permanent if the client follows an active lifestyle and recommended nutrition plan.
Organic fat is not treated until there is a change in lifestyle, and healthy nutrition habits are developed.
This treatment also breaks down, reduces and eliminates women’s enemy No.1 - cellulite. Through the procedure of reducing cellulite, the excess of flabby skin is tightened. After the treatment, skin becomes smooth and the texture is improved, while the upper epidermis softens and rejuvenates.

Areas that can be treated are:

  • abdominal area
  • legs
  • hands
  • buttocks
  • hips
  • lower back
  • thighs
  • calves (lower legs)
  • back part of upper arms

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